Questions Set #1
Q. No. Question
1 Simad Bhagavatam was told by _______________ to_______________.
2 Match the following
Mathura Ganga
Ayodya Gomathi
Haridwar Saraswathi
Dwaraka jamuna
Bhagavatham Sarayu
3 Mark the odd place out
4 How many children of Devaki did kans kill?
5 What did Maya do to Deavki child
6 Who is known as Shankashana? And why?
7 Find the odd name out
What is the reason?
8 Who was the son of Kasyapa, and Aditi?
9 Find the odd yuga
10 How did Krishna appear when he was born?
11 What did Krishna ask Vasudeva to do?
12 What did Krishna do with Kabitasura?
13 Pick the odd one out
14 Match the following
Butter Yadu kula
Gopis Govinda
Cows and calfs Venu ganam
Flute Vastra Abhaharanam
Govardhana Navaneetha chouriam
15 Who is the odd of the siblings
Bakasura Puthana
Balarama Krishna
Devaki Kamsa
Manigreeva Nala kubera
16 What is the name of Krishna’s conch
17 Find the pair
Dance Murali
Flute Govardhana
Mountain Hamsi
Calf Rasaleela
18 Who is Jarasanda?

Questions Set #2
Q. No. Question
1 When Yashoda tied Krishna, how much was it short every time and how did she finally tie him up
2 Who were the Asuras killed by Krishna together and how
3 What did vyomasura do?
4 Match the following
Venu butter storage
Uri Panchajanyam
Conch Govardhan
Indira cow
Kamadhenu Flute
5 Identify the odd one out
Fruit vendor,
The sandal paste server
Curd Pot,
Curd vendor
6 What is the dance of Radha and Krishna known as?
7 Name the river which was murky and poisonous? And why?
8 Why did the gopis propitiate lord indra?
9 Where did Krishna ask the gopis to go for shelter with their cattle?
10 With whom did lord Krishna play pranks
11 What happened to Akroora on the way to Mathura?
12 Little flowers and lot of ------------- gave the flower vendor ( fill in the blank)
13 Name the lady Krishna approached for Chandan
14 Name Jarasanda's Kingdom
15 Who named Krishna, as Krishna?
17 What was Krishna's gift to Radha when he left for Mathura
19 Who were the wrestlers killed by Krishna
20 How did Kamsa got killed
21 Find the odd one out
22 What was the gift of Krishna to his best girl friend Radha
23 When Krishna plays this, all friends and animals will gather with Krishna
Hide and seek
24 who took the Gopas from Krishna's group and hid them in a cave?
25 Who was the non-asura sent by Kamsa and what did he do

Questions Set #3
Q. No. Question
1 Mark the odd one out
2 Match the following
Krishna Balarama
Kamsa vasudeva
Sukha Parasara
sakthi vyasa
Rohini Ugrasena
3 Puthana is the ________________ demon sent by Kamsa
4 Name of Kamsa's cousin is _____________________
5 Who is the odd pair out & write reason
Kasyapa and Adithi
Prisni and Stutapa
Yasodha and Nandagopa
Vasudev and Devaki
6 where did Krishna Born
7 What was the name of Devaki's 7th son
8 who is the Donkey demon to attack Krishna
9 Pick the odd Asura out
10 Name Kamsa's wrestling friends
11 Name the Elephants Krishna Killed and that Krishna(Vishnu) saved
12 Which of the river Vasudeva crossed with Krishna
13 Who came to protect Krishna from rains when Vasudeva carried Krishna ?
14 Write true or False
Bakasura was a snake!
Kalia was killed
Gokula and Brindhavan are same
Kamsa and sisubala are brothers
15 The twin tree Krishna dashed against were______________'s sons
16 When Brhama took all cows and calfs to his _____________ lokha,
how many were remaining in Gokula
17 Which torch Krishna used for stealing butter at night
18 Who were the close friends of Krishna when he went to steal butter?

Questions Set #4
Q. No. Question
1 What is the relationship?
Kamsa Krishna
Nanda Gopa yashodha
Rohini Vasudeva
Satya Bhama Sathrajit
Puthana Bhakasura
Ugrasena kamsa
Vasudeva Surasena
2 Who is the king of Bhojas
3 Who become the King of Mathura after Krishna's Death
4 What happened next
Oh! Lord, you cant be in this world with four hands, Kindly be a child
You cant kill a girl child, Leave at least my last child
your old enemy who will destroy you is growing elsewhere
I didn’t eat sand, said Krishna
5 Who are slaughter loving people
6 What happened to Vasudeva's 7th child?
7 Who cursed Kubera's sons to become trees?
8 What does Krishna wear on his crown?
9 How did Krishna call back all cows after Grassing ?
10 What did Krishna gave to buy fruits
11 Which name of Krishna means ‘protector of cows’
12 What did Vrajavasis do when their cows and calfs were stolen by Brahma?
13 On which finger Lord Krishna hold Govardhan hill
14 Which tree did Krishna climb to get into river Kalindi
15 What did Krishna do to win kalinga
16 Whom did Krishna ask them to worship instead of indra?
17 Who brought kamadhenu to bridhavan and why it became ecstatic?
18 Krishna got Pattabhishekam for which Rajya
19 Who lived in Barsana
20 When Krishna lifted Govardhana, What did Krishna say
21 How did Krishna dance with every one in Rasa leela
22 Under what pretext that Krishna was asked to be brought from Vrindavn
23 Name the elephant that Lord Krishna killed
24 What game did Krishna organize to kill Krishna
25 How did Krishna win the wrestlers
25 Identify the following

Questions Set #5
Q. No. Question
2 Who came as friend in the game and carried Balarama?
3 How did Krishna stop the forest fire (dhavanalagni)
4 Which river that was joining Yamuna, was murky and poisonous?
5 What did friends of Krishna do when they saw Krishna jumping into the poisonous river
6 How did Braja wasis worship indra?
7 What did Indra ride on when he came to see Vrindavan?
8 What was the age of Krishna when he did Rasa Leela
9 What did Akroora think when he was going to Vrindavan?
10 Where did Krishna go when he entered Mathura
11 What did Krisha gave Thrivakra, in return for Chandan
12 Who changed the course of Yamuna
13 Who untied Krishna after Yashoda tied Him up
14 What will Krishna do to call all cows and calf after grassing?
15 Where did people of Gokula shift to? why did they shift?
16 Who was Bakasura?
17 Whose sons were cursed by Rishi Naradha
18 which is the place where butter is stocked at Gopis’ homes
19 Who was trinavartha? And how was he killed?
20 Who is the youngest son to listen and do as per his father’s instructions?
21 Who were the couple Sutapa , Prisni
22 To whom yoga maya was born as child
23 Who was Rohini?
24 Who was the charioteer of Devaki & Vasudeva on their wedding eve?
25 Who took birth as Vasudeva’s son